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VPS Hosting Features

VPS or Virtual Servers are the cheaper alternative to dedicated hosting. But, inexpensive does not mean incapable. VPS hosting features a great price-to-feature ratio at very decent prices. A VPS, or virtual private server, is a virtual operating system that resides within a parent server and uses virtualization technology to provide dedicated (private) resources to other virtual servers. The emulated, dedicated VPS hosting environment is then created on a host (a computer or other device connected to other computers or devices via a network), server (called the “parent server”), or cluster of servers.

VPS duplicates many of the properties of a physical server, with similar processes and functionality. Although it acts like a physical server, in reality it’s a piece of software that’s emulating dedicated hardware.

What Is VPS Hosting?

VPS by definition is a type of hosting where multiple companies use isolated instances on the same host or parent server. This most common type of VPS hosting allows you to:

  • Access your VPS environments from anywhere.
  • Have allocated bandwidth and storage for each instance, so your performance is not affected by other companies on the server like it might be with shared hosting.
  • Get more bandwidth and storage than a hosting company that’s limited on the number of instances they can create on each parent server.
  • What Is Private VPS Parent Hosting?

    Private VPS Parent hosting is a type of hosting that gives you the benefits of virtualization, without sharing a parent server with other companies. This robust, flexible, and isolated virtual solution allows you to:

  • Have sole control over a built-to-order parent server and its resources. That means you can add as many VPS environments as the server allows and control them all as you see fit.
  • Not be charged for the individual environments but rather for the parent server as a whole. You can add parent servers if your needs grow.
  • Easily shuffle your instances around between private VPS parent servers or to one of our public cloud VPS parent servers.
  • How Does VPS Hosting Work?

    VPS hosting uses a parent server to host multiple virtual servers, that are separated from each other. Using a software called a hypervisor, the hosting company implements a virtual layer on top of the operating system (OS) to segment the virtual servers. The separation between virtual walls allows each user to install their own OS and software, creating a server that’s truly private, separated from others on the OS level.

    What Is a VPS Used For?

    A VPS is typically used for smaller workloads that need consistent performance. However, Businesses may use a VPS for:

  • Hosting 1-10 websites
  • Storing company and customer files in a way that’s accessible anywhere in the world
  • Hosting web servers
  • Hosting email
  • Databases
  • cPanel or Plesk hosting
  • Building and delivering cloud-based services for customers
  • Delivering virtual workstations to remote employees
  • And many other things
  • For the most part, you can use VPS for anything you’d use a dedicated server for. However, keep in mind you will get less overall storage and bandwidth. If you don’t need an entire dedicated server, then VPS is a more affordable choice because you’ll only pay for what you need.

    What Are Benefits of VPS Hosting?

    VPS hosting delivers several important benefits that combine the best features of shared and dedicated hosting. Your favorite VPS features will vary based on how your company uses it. But, in general, here are a few key benefits to VPS hosting:

    Reliable performance

    You have your own allocated bandwidth and storage, so you don’t have to share with other companies.


    Scaling is fast and easy.


    VPS hosting isn’t as cheap as shared hosting. But, it’s less expensive than dedicated because you only pay for what you need. Therefore VPS delivers plenty of value for the money.

    Data protection

    VPS hosting makes it easy to perform server backups. In addition, ETGHosting, daily backups are standard for our VPS environments.


    You will get SSH and root access to your environment, therefore affording you more control.


    VPS environments are isolated from each other. In addition, it makes them more secure than shared hosting environments.


    VPS hosting is highly customizable, firstly so you will get only the features you want and secondly even includes the operating system (OS) of your choice.

    Is VPS Hosting Safe and Secure?

    Yes, VPS hosting is secure. Firstly, VPS security comes from each instance’s isolation from the other environments on the server. Secondly, with shared hosting the environments are sharing the same resources and it can be affected by each other’s vulnerabilities. A denial of service attack on a website in a shared environment can bring down other companies’ data and websites hosted on that server. Therefore, each VPS environment is isolated and protected.

    Is VPS Hosting Fast & Reliable?

    Yes, VPS hosting is fast and reliable — that’s a big reason companies prefer it to shared hosting. Since you’re allocated your own bandwidth, you'll get reliable performance more similar to a dedicated server.

    Who is VPS Hosting For?

    Now you should have an understanding of VPS by definition and the differences between VPS and Private VPS Parent hosting. Above all, ask yourself these questions to help you determine if the VPS hosting features are right for you:

    Are you just getting started with VPS?

  • What is your team’s technical skill level? For example, do you want to have root access to your server in order to add applications, make server changes, etc.?
  • What is your biggest priority? For example, Budget (shared), peak performance and security (dedicated), instant scalability (cloud), or a balance of everything (VPS)?
  • Do you need to create multiple isolated environments on the same server?

    Are you currently on a shared server?

  • Does your website currently experience performance issues?
  • Have you experienced denial of service, or other security issues caused by another company on the server? If so, what would be the cost to your business if an issue did arise, and is it worth the risk?
  • Will you need more storage?
  • Do you have basic technical skills and want root access to your server?
  • Do you have a bit more budget to devote to hosting in exchange for solving these problems?

    Are you working on a dedicated server?

  • Do you want to save a little money while maintaining basic security and reliability?
  • Will you need an entire dedicated server, or could you get by with fewer resources?

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