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Cloud Website Hosting

Cloud Website Hosting Description

Actually, the genuine cloud website hosting platform serves various hosting services such as storage space, email, File Transfer Protocol, databases, DNS, stats, website hosting CP, backup, and so on, on individual sets of top-notch servers. Each individual service set constitutes a cluster. All the hosting servers in a cluster are dedicated to serving only the given service and nothing else. They will all operate as one web server, sharing out the service's load in practically equipollent proportions. If there is a real cloud website hosting service, there has to be: a web space cluster, an email cluster, an FTP cluster, database clusters (MySQL/PostgreSQL), a DNS cluster, a stats cluster, a web hosting Control Panel cluster, a backup cluster, and so on. All these independent service clusters will build the so-called cloud website hosting platform.

The colossal cloud web hosting fraud. Very common today.

There is so much confusion circulating around about cloud based hosting these days. As you can perceive, cloud based hosting does not only appear perplexing, but in reality it is greatly perplexing. The majority of the people know nothing about what cloud hosting is. On the basis of this widely spread unawareness, the "cloud hosting distributors" speculate intensely, just to get hold of the client and his/her 5 bucks per month. What a shame! An immense shame. This is owing to the fact that in the web hosting industry there are no tenets whatsoever. The domain name industry has ICANN. The hosting industry niche has no such administrative organization. This is the reason why the web hosting merchants speculate and lie overtly (very bluntly, actually) to their clients. Especially the cPanel-based cloud hosting providers. Let's see how much cloud web hosting they actually can offer.

The facts about the cPanel-based "cloud" website hosting providers

If a cPanel-based web hosting retailer has a cloud based hosting system at hand, which is quite improbable, lots of servers have to be bought. Which is also not cheap. We will get back to that towards the end of this review. First, let's find out what the cloud problems are. So, it's very unbelievable for a cPanel web hosting wholesaler to keep the cloud hosting system at hand, because of the fact that devising one requires years. Even when time and the provision of a professional staff are not a problem, plenty of money must be invested as well. Stacks of cash. On top of that, cPanel is not open source. That's an enormous disadvantage.

The lack of open source cloud website hosting environments

There aren't any open source cloud hosting platforms. There aren't any open source website hosting Control Panel user interfaces (functioning with the cloud web hosting solution) either. Hence, to have a cloud hosting platform at hand, first of all you must set up one. In-house. In the second place, you have to fabricate the website hosting CP as well.

Single server-based website hosting CPs

Contemporary web hosting CPs such as cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. are intended to operate on one single server exclusively. All web hosting services (storage space, email, FTP, databases, DNS, stats, hosting CP, backup, etc.) are being served at the very same time on one single server where these particular single-server website hosting platforms and web hosting Control Panels are set up.

The deficiency of open source web hosting CPs

So, you must devise a custom website hosting Control Panel that will run unproblematically and to integrate it within the cloud system, as if it was an indelible part of it. Proper instances of custom cloud created website hosting solutions with in-house devised web hosting Control Panels besides us, at Bogart Media, are MediaTemple and FreeHostia.

Cloud website hosting hardware equipment rates

The minimum investment needed, just for the cloud website hosting hardware provision, is equivalent to somewhere between sixty thousand dollars and 80,000 USD. That's excluding the DDoS apparatus, which is another $15-20,000 USD. Now you do know how many cloud website hosting platforms can be encountered out there... and, above all, why the web hosting sky is so azure... and nearly cloudless!

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