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The Free Domain Manager Package

In case your site is not yet ready, but you have decided what site name you want. Take a look at the charge-free Domain Manager package. This package will allow you to register or transfer domains at a low price and handle all their settings from one place. The Domain Manager interface.

Over 50 top-level domain name extensions to pick from

With us, you will discover more than 50 generic and country-code top-level domains available for registration. Because, we work with several ICANN-appointed domain name registrars.

A fully featured Domain Manager tool with your domains

Our domain-only plan comes with an excellent Domain Manager user interface. It features a huge selection of domain name registration controls, which allows you to manage all your domains from a single place. You can update your WHOIS data, register and change name servers, set custom DNS entries, and more. You have all the vital features you need in order to exert total authority over your domains.

The domain-only plan we offer represents a great way to plant the seeds of your yet-to-be-built online presence. It is also excellent if you would like to secure a very cool domain name before somebody else does. The odds of registering an attractive domain ending in .COM and even in .COM's new alternatives – .CO, .WS or .NU, are getting smaller and smaller each day. So hurry up and reserve yours before it is much too late.

Switch to a shared hosting plan easily

You can register the domains that you want today with the free-of-cost Domain Manager package and then easily switch to a low-cost web hosting package when you are ready with your new site.

With a first-rate 24x7 client care service, we are here to help you with your domain names and future web sites at an impressive price.

Get your cut-price domain names right now with Bogart Media, and effortlessly manage them with the cost-free domain-only plan. This is an excellent solution for anybody seeking to save cash on domain name registration. Waste no time and sign up today!


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