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Guaranteed Security for Your Sites

Internet security is a top priority for everyone who purchases products online. Your clients will demand nothing but the highest possible security level. Non-Stop Anti Virus, and Website Firewalls are many ways of our security.

While the internet has many advantages, one drawback is that the more we do business online, the more vulnerable our information is to bad actors who want to access our data through malicious attacks and scams. Within the last few years, billions of individuals had information compromised through attacks on high-profile companies like Yahoo, Equifax, and Uber.

Small business owners may think that because of the more low-profile nature of their businesses, their websites are not attractive targets for cybercriminals and hackers. But that’s not always the case.

According to a 2020 Verizon report, small businesses account for 43% of data breach victims.

It’s essential that small businesses take their website internet security seriously. We have seen that data breaches can have severe and long-lasting consequences. Malicious attacks can cause your website to be temporarily or permanently disabled. It can cost your business thousands of dollars, and erode customers’ trust if their personal information is exposed.

Network Monitoring

Choosing a web host that takes your website’s security seriously is key to protecting your business, your website, and your customers.

Consistent threat monitoring is crucial to quickly identifying and resolving issues, before they grow into more serious attacks and breaches. If you are contracting with a web hosting company to manage your server:

  • You are trusting that someone is keeping an eye on the physical hardware.
  • All website traffic.
  • Monitor connections to prevent attacks.
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